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Production, Editing, Post Production

As participating at the D&AD New Blood Awards (2020), a 30-seconds commercial for a new Martini drink has been created, from briefing till final product and delivery.

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Brief and Pre-Production

As a participant of the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020, I’ve created a 30-seconds commercial for this year’s MARTINI brief.

The main goal was to create a video to encourage people to choose time for friends.

By making this commercial, I created a full-outlined pre-production including product design, crew, location scout (permissions), character dynamics, test shots, budget breakdown, production schedule, health- & safety considerations, script and addressing issues (privacy, trademark, copyrights, commercial rules).

Production, Edit & Post-Production

During the shoot, I’ve looked at the footage to see if it worked out how I imagined and which shots I would use. I’ve chosen the specific shots at the beginning to introduce the actors and to show where they are. After these, I focused on the phones followed by the actors smiling faces to show the excitement.

Finally, I played with different kind of shots (wide, medium, close) at the bar to create more variation and to keep the audiences attention.


Concerning the equipment, the crew has used the Canon 5D and used multiple lenses; the 24 mm (wider shots), 35 mm (medium shots and the pack-shot) and the 85mm (most close-ups). I think the shots worked out best while using these lenses.

Edit & Post-Production

After editing every shot and making some adjustments now and then, I started with the colour correction, as the footage was made in Log-style. After that, I’ve worked on the colour grading, where I created a different style and mood in the film.



Besides the commercial, a BTS video has been created to show how my crew and I made the film.